Week 4

2|10 – 2 hrs of Revit tutorials, 2 hrs of starting to actually work in Revit. I was given an introduction to a warehouse project where there simply needs bathrooms to be added. I spent some time getting an introduction to the project, getting access to the BIM 360 model, and some direction on what needed to happen.

2|11 – 4 hrs on the warehouse bathroom addition in Revit. Today was I given access to another almost identical project where the bathrooms had already been added into the project. This was super helpful because, with this being my first project in Revit, it gave me a reference of how things were supposed to be done. I was also able to find components easier and I was able to troubleshoot on my own much more than if I wouldn’t have had the file.

2|12 – 4 hrs doing redline revisions on the warehouse bathrooms. I had printed out the drawings that I had created the day before and came back to lots of revisions to make. With these being the first drawings I have ever created in Revit there were some standards that I was unaware of that I am slowly learning.

2|13 – 4 hrs doing another draft of the warehouse bathrooms. This time, I started going through and editing all of the notes and legends. I learned how to duplicate the master versions of these things and to edit them independently. I printed out the latest versions of the sheets so that when I come back on Monday I can do another round of edits.

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