Week 7: 2.25 + 2.27


Hours Worked: 8am-6pm

Total Hours: 9

Tasks Completed:

Made updates to New Riverside renderings – adding more entourage.

Redrew plans of New Riverside barn, restrooms and picnic pavilion.

Compiled drawings and rendering into Concept Presentation through InDesign.

Spent 1 hour in CA School with Tommy – learning topics included Air & Thermal Barriers, Masonry, Masonry Accessories, Gyp Accessories and Specs.

AXP Credit: Programming and Analysis + Construction and Evaluation



Hours Worked: 8am-6pm

Total Hours: 9

Tasks Completed:

Worked on trace and in sketchup to develop concept massings.

Met with Dinos and Sarah to discuss development.

AXP Credit: Project Planning and Design



This week I learned about coordination of a project where the architect is hired by the landscape architect. The New Riverside Barn project I have been working on falls under this category and we had our first deadline on Tuesday. Once our renderings and drawings were complete we packaged everything in InDesign in our own presentation format as well as into a drawing template we received from them. Later the next day we received their files along with our drawings incorporated into them. It was very exciting to see the beautiful drawings they had developed paired with our concept sketches.

On Tuesday I also had another CA School session with Tommy which covered a ton of information. My biggest take away was from the quiz I took on drawing a detail section of an exterior brick wall and what to/what not to wrap when installing a door frame into that wall.

Thursday I began a new project which is a redevelopment of a lot in West Ashley. We are working with a developer for this project – which was awarded to us just before I joined the office. I spent the day working with Sarah and Dinos to develop building massing that sat appropriately on the site. This site is very interesting because it sits on two relatively dangerous roads intersecting one another. This led to the buildings anchoring to one side of the site and allowing for pedestrian activity internally.


CA School Test – Draw a section of a typical exterior brick wall. Then add a door frame.


Final concept sketches.

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