Week 5

Monday February 17 – CE:4hrs 

I had a meeting with the Board Members of SOS which included several architects and a lawyer. I was introduced and talked to them about my progress of the resurvey of the homes around town. I talked about homes which have been renovated, but how most of the structures on the survey have deteriorated more since the original survey.

Tuesday February 18 – CE:4hrs

Today, I continued surveying several buildings around town. I’ve also added several to the list based on factors such as historical integrity and assessment of its structure.

Thursday February 20 – CE:4 hrs

Today, I assessed about 20 more buildings around town. I have about 50 buildings left on the list to survey.

Total: 12 Hours

Looking Back:

This week I learned more of how a non profit organization is ran. After meeting with the board, I got to see all the people who are involved in making this organization work. Learning about the business side of this organization and networking with other people who are interested in the welfare of the buildings around town are some of the goals I have for this semester.

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