R. Bing @ LS3P/Week 4

Feb 10:

 8 hours ( 8 hr Project Planning & Design) 

Development of exterior massing concepts for Civic Hub building. Mostly worked on a scheme in sketchup practicing very broad strokes, pushing and pulling the mass strategically to highlight target areas 

Feb 11: 

3 hours (Programming and Analysis) 

Development of exterior scheme for Civic Hub building, light post-processing of diagrams/perspective views, and some presentation compilation, site diagrams 

1 hour (Practice Management) 

Proposed concepts to client team, fielded feedback and collected notes for improvement 


Feb 12: 

1 hour (Project Development & Documentation)

Checking demo plans for renovation at 171 Moultrie for consistency with Demo Set submittal to Charleston B.A.R. 

3 hours (Project Planning & Design)
Modeling MUSC Florence Free Standing ED to prepare concept for how to re-brand exterior to seem more like an MUSC Building 


Feb 13: 

4 Hours (Project Planning & Design) 

Developing concepts for how to re-brand exterior of MUSC Florence FSED to display association with MUSC 



I really enjoyed working on exterior concepts for the Civic Hub building. It is a massive building (by Charleston’s standards) but one that needs to express that mass in a horizontal nature, rather than a vertical nature. My concern for future development of the exterior is that this notion will be underplayed in the development of its design, and might result in an exterior which isn’t as true to its horizontal nature and tries to piece together vertical elements which result in a non-cohesive massing parti. From my investigations on massing order, it seems like horizontal organization of the massing layers should be the primary order, with vertical elements coming in as a secondary ordering of mass. Overall, it is interesting to be a part of this, to see what the client’s impressions are of the building, and to develop some understanding of typical associations (cost, aesthetic appeal, etc.) around using pre-cast as a building material.

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