Week 5

The highlight of this week was getting to listen in on a conversation with a developer about potential housing projects. I have always been curious about real estate development and it was fascinating to hear them predict market trends, such as the rise of detached single family housing, the shift away from home ownership to rentals, aging in place, empty nesters, etc.  There were also discussions about economies of scale, production schedules, market segmentations, tax credits, key real estate markets, etc. I think it is important that architects stay on top of these market trends and be able to contribute to these programming meetings. One of the principals of the firm is currently pursuing his MBA at Clemson. I think that is one of the emerging strengths of the firm and why we are able to do so many projects with developers.

Most of this week was devoted to pushing out the project I mentioned last week that has 15 different buildings with townhomes. Many hours of redlining….

Week: 16:00

Total: 82 hours

Monday – 4:00

  • General Meeting (Practice Management)  1.25 hr
  • Redlines (Project Planning & Design) 2.75 hr

Tuesday – 4:15

  • Redlines on CDs (Project Planning & Design) 4.25 hr
  • Spent 2.5 hours of those 4.25 hours listening in on Developers Meeting during the day. (I’m going to count those hours towards Practice Management because I desperately need that category and I really took away a lot from hearing the conversation and understanding how new projects emerge.)

Wednesday – 4:00

  • Redlines (Project Planning & Design) 4 hr

Thursday – 3:45

  • Redlines (Project Planning & Design) 3.75 hr

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