Week 5: Feb 10-14

Monday (Feb 10)

Update elevations in SketchUp for the Lennar Midtown project which is a multifamily home project.

-AXP Hours: 3.25 Project Development + Documentation

Weekly team meeting

-AXP Hours: 1 Practice Management

Tuesday (Feb 11)

Finishing updating elevations for Lennar Midtown

-AXP Hours: 4.5 Project Development + Documentation

Wednesday (Feb 12)

Updated floor plans and added revision clouds to mark the addition of attic access in the units plus lighting fixture placements

-AXP Hours: 4 Project Development + Documentation

Thursday (Feb 13)

Assembled simple egress plans for the Old Village Post House Inn to place in each of the bedrooms

-AXP: 4 Construction + Evaluation


Last week was fairly busy with a studio review on Friday and the office in a rush to get drawings out of the door. Lennar Midtown is a large project and is primarily being lead by one person, but it was interesting to see the entire office come together to help divide and complete tasks. Also, a new client and developer came in to discuss their goals for a new project. The project will be a multi-city, affordable single family home community and it was so interesting seeing the interaction between the team and the clients.

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