Week 2+3: Jan 27-Feb 5

The first few weeks have been primarily focusing on a small project that we have taken the lead on. It is to design a fence structure for Green Heart: Grow Food in their garden space. They regularly hold school programs in the garden to teach students who are living in an urban environment about the importance of agriculture. The fence is to be a sound barrier from the busy street as well as a protective barrier. We have been working primarily in CAD, drafting plans and drawing sections. On February 5th, we had the opportunity to participate in the Ace Mentor-ship program at Burke High School. This program invites local engineers and architects to teach the importance of their roles in society and to help guide the students as they work through their own project. When it comes to daily tasks, everyday is different depending on which projects need extra hands and each Monday we have a team meeting for a quick run through the status of each project.

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