Week 4: ACE Mentorship

The highlight of my week was participating in the ACE Mentorship program at Burke high school. We went in for a morning to volunteer with other local design professionals and civil engineers. We went through a quick design schematic to design a building on a lot near the school. The kids came up with the program and started to do a site analysis. The kids created an exhaustive list for the program that would require a very complex mechanical and electrical system; you could see the civil engineers reconsidering how realistic to be with this exercise. The program meets every 2 weeks so the kids can have exposure to different professions and see diversity in the field. The class reminded me of the engineering classes I took in high school through the Project Lead the Way program. These classes strongly influenced what I wanted to study in college as not many people in my family went to college and none had ever gone into STEM fields. Without the exposure of these classes, I would have likely picked another career path. I hope this class and program has a similar impact on these kids.

This week I mainly worked on updating the drawings for a town home complex for a developer. It was a very repetitive task of updating all 13 plan sheets for 15 buildings in CAD. This was a project that has really pushed the firm to reconsider the capabilities of the programs they are using. They have started switching some smaller projects to Revit to begin getting used to the interface so they can use it for large development projects such as this one. It will save time and money in the future.

Week: 20:30

Monday – 4:00

General Meeting (Practice Management) 1 hr

Residential Bathroom Layout  (Project Development & Documentation) 1.75 hr

Restaurant Existing Table Layout & Occupancy (Programming & Analysis) 1.25 hr

Tuesday – 8:30

Updates to town home complex developer project (Project Development & Documentation) 8.5 hr

(I worked a little extra this week to make up for taking MLK Day off.)

Wednesday – 4:15

ACE Mentorship (Practice Management) 2 hrUpdates to town home complex developer project (Project Development & Documentation) 1.25 hr Green Heart Garden Schematic Set Redlines (Project Management) .75 hr

Thursday – 3:45

Updates to town home complex developer project (Project Development & Documentation) 3.75 hr

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