Week 2 /Jan 27-31

Monday January 27

On Monday, I met with Kim Lhavin to discuss the assessments of the buildings that were previously surveyed. We set up a plan to re-survey all of the buildings. We are assessing the structural foundation, roof and other exterior features which make the building historical.

AXP- CE 4 Hours

Tuesday January 28

On Tuesday, I began surveying the buildings using Survey 123 through Arcgis and taking pictures of all exterior details.

AXP- CE 4 Hours

Thursday January 30

Thursday, I continued surveying buildings using Arcgis and took pictures of the exterior details noting any renovations or further deteriorations.

AXP- CE 4 Hours

Weekly Reflection

This week, I’ve learned more preservation terms and am able to better assess historic structures. I have been learning what to look for in the building’s structure and foundation to better evaluate its condition.

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