Week 3

Sarah and I really buckled down and wrapped up the drawings for the Green Heart Garden project. It took longer than I expected it to take because of conforming to the firm’s graphical standards. It was also a new challenge to work on a project concurrently with someone. We had split up elevations and plans which lead to us having to communicate changes quickly. Since the site location is just around the corner from where we live, I am excited to get the ball moving on this so we can see it built this semester.

One of the best learning experiences I had from this week was Thursday’s site visits. We surveyed a building and had to take inventory of all the kitchen equipment. I’ve never put much thought into how commercial kitchens operate and was surprised at how small of a space it is for how much goes on there. We had to measure every piece of equipment and document serial numbers of pieces for a more efficient redesign of the space. I was not a fan of having to go in the walker-in freezer, which reeked of fish. The restaurant also wanted to completely change its dining layout, but it cannot go beyond its current occupancy so we had to determine the max number of seating at its current condition. The site is on a corner, but completely ignores its side street facade which is a major design opportunity. It should be an interesting project to see what options we will show the client next week. After surveying, we checked on a construction site at the Old Village Post Inn to see the new bar framed in. Maddie showed us the acoustic ceiling detail located between the restaurant and the inn floors to highlight the similarity to our Green Heart project. The metal clips holding the ceiling prevent vibration from passing through to the floor above it similar to our staggered post construction for the fence.


Week: 16:30

Monday – 4:00

  • General Meeting (Practice Management) 1 hr
  • Brewery Sketch up equipment  (Project Development & Documentation) 3 hr

Tuesday – 4:30

  • Brewery Sketch up equipment  (Project Development & Documentation) 1 hr
  • Green Heart Garden Schematic Set
    • Plans, Elevations, Sections (Project Development & Documentation) 2 hr
  • Residential Master Bath configuration options (Project Development & Documentation)1 hr
  • Print & pick up drawings for afternoon meeting .5 hr

Wednesday – 4:15

  • Green Heart Garden Schematic Set
    • Plans, Elevations, Sections Redlines (Project Development & Documentation) 2 hr
    • Write narrative & assemble package (Project Management) 2:15 hr

Thursday – 3:45

  • Restaurant, confidential (Programming & Analysis) 3 hr
  • Old Village Post Inn – site visit (Construction & Evaluation) .75 hr

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