Intro Week + Green Heart Garden

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I started working at Synchronicity last week. The first week was mostly onboarding activities to get used their process. I tagged along for a construction site visit to check on the progress at Old Village Post Inn in Mount Pleasant. Its a renovation of the existing inn and restaurant. The biggest programmatic changes were moving the bar to the front of the restaurant, adding more windows and reimagining the outdoor seating area. I spent the week tagging along on site visits, picking up redlines, familiarizing myself with projects and asking lots of questions!

The first project I have been assigned to work is a pro bono project for the Green Heart Garden. Green Heart is an after school program that educates kids about nutrition and science through hands on projects in their gardens. We were assigned to design a fence that will block the noise from the highway while still being aesthetically pleasing and engaging to the kids. We are currently designing a staggered post fence with an air cavity to prevent vibration between the fence layers and a heavy textile material to dampen the noise. We are also looking at other ways the fence can be of service to the program through built-in seating, storage and planters. As we start assembling the permit set, hopefully I can post some of our drawings!


Week 1, Jan 13-16: 16 hours

Site Visit to Old Village Post Inn (Construction & Evaluation hours)

Site Visit to The Victory to meet w/ civil engineers (Project Management)

Site Visit to Green Heart Garden to document existing conditions (Programming & Analysis)

Week 2, Jan 20-23: 13 hours

Building brewery equipment in sketchup for a model (Project Development & Documentation)

Green Heart Garden (Programming & Analysis, Project Planning & Design)

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