Kelly Umutoni Weekly Entries – Lessons Learned : 10.28.2019 – 10.31.2019

  Project title: Fence and Sign Post – Oyster Bluff Project Location: Charleston, SC Project manager: Luke Jarrett Role of the student: Worked  on coordinating structural sets for a small project Lessons Learned The importance of double-checking both sets and making sure that architecture sets do not call out different structural dimensions or named to avoid confusion […]

Nov. 11th – 13th

Nov. 11th- 13th   Monday: I continued research on 107 Wentworth   AXP: Programming and analysis 3 Hours   Tuesday: I continued research on the Wentworth House and worked on reformatting several of our 330 forms AXP: Programming and Analysis 2 Hours, Practice Management 2 Hours   Wednesday:  I continued working on the 330 forms […]

Nov. 4th – 7th

Nov. 4th – 7th   Monday: I spent time organizing past project folders and worked on some research for an upcoming project.   AXP: Programming and Analysis 2.5 Hours   Tuesday: I continued organizing and researching. AXP: Programming and Analysis 3 Hours   Wednesday:  More organizing and research. AXP: Programming and Analysis 2 Hours   […]

Oct. 28th – 31st

Oct. 28th – 31st   Monday: I finished up the Sandy Island HSR  AXP: Project Management 4 Hours   Tuesday: I worked on digitizing the comments made by Ben and Jerry on the CDs for the Bishop Gadsden Assisted Living Facility that the are working on with another firm for construction management  AXP: Project Development […]