Oct. 7th – 10th

Oct. 7th – 10th


Monday: I continued working on the RFQs and HSR draft.  I also re rendered some view of the Bishop Gadsden organ loft.  The client decided they wanted to make changes and add cameras, so I had to model those and create new renderings. 

AXP: Practice Management 2 Hours, Project Development and Documentation 2 Hours


Tuesday: I spent most of the day working with another intern creating color schemes for the Pineville Church Community Building project. 

AXP: Project Development and Documentation 3.5 hours


Wednesday:  I worked a bit on the RFQs, but ended up having to work on putting slides together for a presentation with another architecture firm who we teamed with for a project. 

AXP: Project Management 4 Hours


Thursday:  I was able to finish the RFQ for Coastal Carolina and submit it to Ben for his approval. 

AXP:  Practice Management 4 Hours


Weekly Project:  RFQs

Project Manager: Ben Whitener

Role of Student: Assemble the documents required for the specific requests and format the submittal.


Lessons Learned: I have continued working sporadically on the different RFQs.  When the deadlines are further off, I end up getting pulled from these and work on smaller parts of other projects going on.  It definitely reminds me to continue using good time management skills to keep up with these deadlines as I am left to manage these on my own.  

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