Nov. 4th – 7th

Nov. 4th – 7th


Monday: I spent time organizing past project folders and worked on some research for an upcoming project.  

AXP: Programming and Analysis 2.5 Hours


Tuesday: I continued organizing and researching.

AXP: Programming and Analysis 3 Hours


Wednesday:  More organizing and research.

AXP: Programming and Analysis 2 Hours


Thursday:  I went to Bishop Gadsden to measure the current conditions of the mail room so that we could begin re designing it to include more mailboxes 

AXP:  Programming and Analysis 3.5


Senior Living Facility Bishop Gadsden Episcopal Retirement Community located at 1 Bishop Gadsden Way, Charleston, SC, 29412 image 1 of 3

Weekly Project:  Bishop Gadsden Mail Room

Project Manager: Ben Whitener

Role of Student: Record measurements and document current conditions.


Lessons Learned: Bishop Gadsden is a very particular client and everything for them as with all clients should be very precise.  There had to be a lot of attention to detail to make sure that I include every piece of information.  The problem with this is two much information to sort through later.  Working with Dave to collect these measurements and documentation has helped me figure our the smart way to record this information. 

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