Nov. 18th – 21st (Final Week as part of the Clemson Internship)

Nov. 18th – 21st

Monday: I went on site to 107 Wentworth to work on documenting the windows, doors, and finishes.   

AXP: Programing and analysis 4 Hours


Tuesday: I continued work on site at 107.

AXP: Programing and analysis 4 Hours


Wednesday:  I worked on the RFQ for Benedict College Morgan Hall 

AXP: Practice Management 4 Hours


Thursday: I continued working on the Benedict College RFQ

AXP:  Practice Management 4 Hours


Weekly Project:  107 Wentworth

Project Manager: Ben Whitener

Role of Student: Measure and Record Condition of windows and finishes


Lessons Learned: Ben asked me to do a window assessment for this project because I had worked with Jerry on another project like it.  I was able to apply the critical look of these that I learned and record the info in a way similar to the previous project.  I had to be able to decide on a scale for rating during the evaluation as well as major attention to detail for finishes.  The house, owned by C of C, will be structurally stabilized and reconfigured for student housing. 


This was my final week working for the Clemson internship program, but I will be continuing with the same hours for the rest of the semester.


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