11/6 – 11/7


9:00 – 13:30

Shadow Lane Project pre-design concept sketchup model

4.5 h Project Planning & Design



9:00 – 13:00

Shadow Lane Project pre-design concept sketchup model

4 h Project Planning & Design


Weekly Reflection

We got back from HCD and I only worked for two days this week. I don’t really have much reflection on work as it has been going well. I made more alterations of the elevations for the Shadow Lane Project and we sent it out to the client. However, time management has been a big issue this whole semester. As one of the first two student from A+H studying in Charleston, this semester has been tough for both of us and I believe it is too for Professor David Allison. The primary reason I came here is I want to get more architecture experience prior to graduating. My background wasn’t architecture in my undergrad and I feel a lot behind being in healthcare studio. And I think interning at an architecture firm while studying can give some different perspective too. Traveling back to Clemson and NOLA this semester is expected but I didn’t know the conflict with the internship. The students in Clemson got excused for their being absent in some classes but we didn’t. We still need to work around our schedule to complete those hours. I think we still need to figure out a lot of issues for next couple of students coming here.

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