Meadors 10.28-10.29


8:00-12:00 Practice Management

  • Staff meeting, Project Reviews 
  • Update Revit template



  • Update Revit template

Week Reflection


  • Template
    • Sometimes overlooked, it’s actually very important to have a handle on and set standards for the graphics and visuals in what you produce in a CD set. Just because it’s a technical drawing, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t look good and with that be clear to read and understand. That means changing line weights for depth and hierarchy, particular notes and graphics for ease of understanding, alignment for clarity and so on. Many times you can even prep certain views with typical details and placing sections or elevations that can eventually populate themselves. Taking advantage of what you can with the software being used is an easy way to make your drawing process more smooth and effective.
  • Enston Home Truss CNC
    • To make building our structure in studio simpler, I have been working on drawing up templates for pieces of the truss form that can be CNC’ed at Meadors. This will help us use the shaper to form the “boomerang” joint pieces out of ipe as well as locate the holes for bolts through the layers of trusses. After going through multiple iterations and attempts with the CAC.C laser cutter we realized it wouldn’t be large enough to get the pieces we need, so this will help immensely.

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