TC Blog Post 10/7-10/10

Savannah Commons – 30×42 Sheets

Mike Nixon – Project Lead

Much easier to work with bigger sheets like this, especially when you’re getting into the minutia of the project.  Like line weights and dashed lines.


Savannah Commons Lobby

Mike Nixon – Project Lead

An example of plan sketches that I turn into actually digital components in AutoCad. Fun Stuff.



Monday 10/7

Hours Worked: 4 Hours

After being pushed further and further into design development, Mark and I sat down and started to plan out some of the things that needed more and more tweaking.  Its interesting because it always seems like there is more work to be done and that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  It is required that, as architects, we have a certain level of meticulousness,

AXP hours earned:

4 Project Planning & Design


Tuesday 10/8

Hours Worked: 4 Hours

Continued work on demolition sheets and developing plans for various parts of the Savannah Commons Project.  This time I started more intense focus on the AL Unit renovation portion of the project.

AXP hours earned:

4 Project Planning and Design


Wednesday 10/9

Hours Worked: 4 Hours

Started working more and more with the bigger 30×42 sheets instead of the scaled down 11×17 plans and demo sheets.  Continuing work on all of those documents.  Always little tweaks and adjustments to be made.

AXP hours Earned:

2 Project Planning and Design

2 Project Development and Documentation


Thursday 10/10

Hours worked 4 Hours

Went a little deeper into the flooring and equipment in a lot of the AL Unit documents.  Also started looking at lighting fixture plans which show a lot of the electrical components that I honestly knew nothing about until now.  Nice to see that it seems that I’m learning something new every single day.

AXP Hours Earned:

3 Project Planning and Design



I’ve definitely been attending more meetings in order to learn more about the entirety of the “architecture experience” as opposed to solely relying on the things that Clemson has (or hasn’t) taught me.  I’ve been talking with the landscape architects a little more getting a more broad perspective on things that are happening at the various SGANW sites.  I’m basically going full throttle on this Savannah Commons Project, which heavily involves updated floor plans of units, medical area, lobby, and laundry renovations on every floor.  Literally learning something new every single day! So much to learn so little time to learn it haha. Mike and others have told me that this project is a hard one and they probably should not have started with something this in depth, but I’m managing well and getting everything done on time.

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