Sept. 23 – 26

Sept 23 – 26


Monday: I finished up my part on the RFQ and began working on another RFQ.  

AXP: Practice Management 4 Hours


Tuesday: I created new 330 forms for projects to include in the new RFQ as well as updated our list of project forms to pull from for future RFQs

AXP: Practice Management 4 Hours


Wednesday:  I spoke with our preservation consultant about responding to the notes on the HSR draft that we received from the NPS. I also began working on adjusting the formatting to more align with the comments to be ready when more revisions come in from the consultants. 

AXP: Project Management 4 Hours


Thursday:  I continued working on 330 forms for the RFQs

AXP:  Practice Management 4 Hours


Weekly Project:  RFQs

Project Manager: Ben Whitener

Role of Student: Assemble the documents required for the specific requests and format the submittal.


Lessons Learned: It has been interesting working on the RFQs, specifically one for the city and a Berkeley County Schools.  This was an area with which I was unfamiliar, so I learned a lot about the practical and paperwork side of practice. I prepared the drafts then would go over them with Ben so that I could make changes based on a standard I didn’t know or a convention of Cummings & McCrady.  I felt this really helped me understand how the firm works when not specifically in the middle of a project. 


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