Prompt Response 1

How do you build a practice that is focused on people?

As a student in healthcare architecture program, all we learn from graduate school is how to design a building that is focused on people. We want the best physical and mental health outcome of people. There are a lot of good design guidelines that we learn from graduate school, such as designing a non-institutional hospital to reduce patients’ stress level, organizing the corridors and implementing good wayfinding strategies to also reduce patients’ stress level and the time of receiving care in a hospital. We have classes talking about how to build a healthy community. These are very helpful in designing a healthcare architecture. However, those doesn’t necessarily mean how to build a good practice focusing on people.

My mentor gave me some really good insights. If you want a practice focused on people, first of all, you should focus on the people in your office. A good structured and well-running company would have a good design quality and an efficient management. It’s a positive environment where people are open to discussion and critics, able to participate on every level of design, and have the opportunity to grow.

With a healthy office environment, people have the ability to figure out how to design a good facility caring for people.

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