Prompt 1

Building a Practice to that Adapts to Change

I think it’s important to consider this idea or goal now while in school because while my ideas on how adapting to change may not be complete, they help me decide what are the qualities in a firm that would be important to me as an employee.  Speaking with my mentor gave me the opportunity to discuss some of these ideas and hear advice about a possible strategy to achieve an adaptable firm.  

Building a firm that is adaptable would require making several decisions up front that govern the way you practice.  The would be ethical principles and choosing areas of focus for the firm. I believe that the main area of focus should be client and community focused.  Besides changing and updated technology, people bring about the greatest changes in a community and therefore the most change in a profession.  

There would be questions of whether a firm should grow to be able to accept many types of challenges and areas of practice or stay small and specialize in fewer areas.  In addition to community it would be important to recognize changes in the industry and one’s peers. A willingness to react positively and accept changes is, in my opinion, the most important part of building a practice that adapts to change. 


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