8:40 – 12:40

Major Residence Addition section drawing

4h Construction Documentation




Major Residence Addition section drawing

Lancaster Eye Clinic conference call with client

0.5 h Project Planning & Design

3.5 h Construction Documentation




Major Residence Addition section drawing

4 h Construction Documentation




Major Residence Addition section drawing

Meeting with client, civil engineers and urban planning department for Opie Market project

2.25 h Construction Documentation

1.75 h Project Planning & Design


Weekly Reflection

This week I kept working on construction drawing set for Major Residence Addition. Doing construction drawings goes much detailed than schematic design and it’s challenging for me to figure out how the structure works, where should the insulation be, what’s the span of the beams. What inspires me is that the process of architecture plan is way more than just designing a building looks nice. If the structure makes the construction complex and price high, it makes more sense to adjust the design rather than keeping it.

Going to the meeting with different department expanded my experience. Opie Market is a cool project on which two young men have been preparing for five years and it’s finally gonna happen. I feel like we architects, civil engineers and people from the government are helping these two young men achieving their dreams and it’s very inspiring. We are working together to figure out the zoning problem and the circulation problem. The meeting went very well.

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