Dinaisya Harrison, Metanoia: 4/15 – 4/18

This week I will be working from home because Duncan is at a conference for the week. This week I will be looking up different landmarks such as grocery store, pharmacy, parks, and gas stations to create maps/diagrams for Metanoia.

On Tuesday I started looking up the closest landmarks for a future apartment site in North Charleston. Metanoia is sending in their application for a SRDP so they have to locate positive site characteristics that are close to the site. I have to locate the closest Full service Grocery Store, Pharmacy/Drug Store, Convenience/Gas Station, and Public Park. After reading through the application I learned that they get awarded points for how close in proximity these services are to the site and the more points they have the better the application.

On Wednesday I took the located services and put them into a diagram. I took satellite pictures of the addresses and added the needed landmarks for points, and made them into a diagram. I also noted the landmarks addresses and distances from the original site.

On Thursday I finished the rest of the maps. I also put the addresses of all the sites into a spreadsheet for SRDP.

This week I did on a different side of architecture. I got to really look at the future home sites for Metanoia and see what types of landmarks are close by that are beneficial to the new homes. In architecture it is important to know what surrounds your site when your building. You want easier access to grocery stores and parks instead of sewage plants or adult scenes. This project helped me understand how important it is consider where your site is and do site analysis.

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