Week of 3.15

Mar. 11 | Mon. Hours: 8-12 Tasks: Attach sapele shelf support to shelf Assemble ladders for bunk beds – epoxy all joints, fasten together with threaded rod and acorn nuts.   Mar. 12 | Tue. Hours: 8-12 Tasks: Continue with assembly of the sapele ladders.   Mar. 13 | Wed. Hours: 8-12 Tasks: Process western […]

Week of 3.29

ar. 25 | Mon. Hours: 8-12 Tasks: Process sapele stock for a raised panel door – surface, rip to width, cut to length, and sand to rough thickness. Prepare the sapele parts for assembly by drilling mortises and cutting tenons. Assemble door – epoxy all joints and clamp. Deliver oak barn door to client on […]

Week 13 – Cameron Foster

I went to Asheville on Sunday and was out of the office Monday morning due to a Design Award Ceremony on Sunday night. When I returned to the office on Tuesday I was congratulated by my coworkers on the design award and the company Facebook posted about my award. This week I learned that you […]

SMHa 4.15 – 4.22

4.15 – 4.17: 4, 4, 0 hrs The beginning of the week was dedicated to all final changes and adjustments to the CD set that went out Wednesday morning for the middle schools. Some adjustments having of needed to have been made per what I mentioned last week with the structural engineer sending necessary drawings […]