Mackenzie Abernethy : 4/22/19 – 4/25/19 + Weekly Blog

Monday, April 22:

Today, I worked on adding paint notes to the Baptist Hill sheets.  I went through every single wall, door frame, etc that we were painting and added a note and  number to indicate which color those would be painted.  Long day!

AXP Hours: PPD 4 Hrs

Tuesday, April 23:

I continued on and did the same thing as yesterday.  This is a huge project, and I had to start over and fix the way I was adding note to make it more clear.  Jamie helped me to make sure that the plans were easy to read and understand for the painters.   Also, I took an hour or so to make a scale drawing of one of our old projects.  We did Thrive Senior Living in 2016 and the owners wanted to reorganize the fitness room, but didn’t know how to place everything.  So I looked up the dimensions of the equipment they wanted to use and made a couple of options for how they could lay out this room.  After I emailed them my PDF’s, I kept working on Baptist Hill.

AXP Hours: PPD 4 Hrs

Wednesday, April 24:

Continued fixing and adding paint notes to the set of drawings.  I almost finished them!

AXP Hours: PPD 4 Hrs

Thursday, April 25:

I finally finished adding paint notes to those drawings.  After that, I worked in illustrator to create a signage presentation.  All I had to do was create a quick presentation on the color options that the principle could choose to have her signage.  I used the CCSD approved signages and altered the colors to match the High School colors, gray and maroon.

AXP Hours: PPD 2 Hrs

Baptist Hill Highschool
5117 Baptist Hill Rd, Yonges Island, SC 29449
Project Scope: One of our project architects is working on repainting Baptist Hill highschool and adding new signage.  The project architect has given Jamie (a designer at our firm) the project because she is working her way to becoming a project manager.  Since this is her first solo project, she asked me to assist her on making a presentation for CCSD to be approved before we go to the principle and present the new paint ideas.
Project Manager: Mike Nixon/Jamie Ranck
Role of Student:  I drew the plans in Revit a few weeks ago, but this week I worked on perfecting the plans, establishing a sheet set, adding paint notes, etc.
What I have learned:

This week wasn’t very crazy, but I did start to realize the detail to which a project is developed.  Every single detail of painting has to be documented and easily understood.  Its almost an artform.  Everyone establishes sheets a little differently, but they all have a way of communicating through these sheet sets.  They aren’t just basic plans, they are heavily used instructions and every little detail needs to be documented.  Even the tiny measurements on signages need to be notated somewhere.  In a large project, I can understand why it takes many people to simply finish a paint project.  It isn’t a small feat to entirely repaint a huge highschool!  I was glad to have Jamie as my partner on this and be able to work together to create a good presentation.  It feels like a project I would do in school.

Its important to come to work everyday because other people are depending on you.  In this profession, you can’t just disappear.  You have teammates relying on you and are concerned if you don’t show up.  To be an architect, you need to hold yourself responsible for being a good team member so your partners respect you, you are dependable, and so others want to work with you in the future.  I have wrote about it before, but the relationships that are formed in this business are strong ones.  Working in a group isn’t always fun or easy, but it is necessary to produce projects at as large of a scale as architects have to do.  This is a business that cannot be done alone and the people that you work with will make or break you.


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