Mackenzie Abernethy : 4/15/19 – 4/19/19 + Weekly Blog

Monday, April 15:

Today, I practiced Revit to get used to it for my upcoming project.  It was really helpful to get back into it, because I have been working mostly in AutoCAD for the past few weeks and it was harder than I thought to switch over.

AXP Hours:  None

Tuesday, April 16:

This morning, I went with Mike and Jamie to Atlantic South to present our paint plan for Baptist Hill Highschool.  Jamie and I had worked on the presentation for a few weeks now, which included the photoshop before and after images, the revit plans, the swatches, and a whole presentation for CCSD.  This is SGA | NarmourWright’s biggest client, so I was really excited to tag-along and see how it went.  This was Jamie’s first solo presentation, so she was nervous and so was I because our project architect, Mike, handed over the project to Jamie.  After she presented, we realized some of the mistakes we made and came back to the office to start working on them.

AXP Hours: PDD 4 Hrs

Wednesday, April 17:

Today, I continued working on the Revit Sheets.  I focused on getting project notes, a key plan, a door schedule, etc., organized onto all of the sheets.

AXP Hours:  PDD 4 hours

Thursday, April 18:

I worked on the same as yesterday!

AXP Hours: PDD 4 Hours

Baptist Hill Highschool
5117 Baptist Hill Rd, Yonges Island, SC 29449
Project Scope: One of our project architects is working on repainting Baptist Hill highschool and adding new signage.  The project architect has given Jamie (a designer at our firm) the project because she is working her way to becoming a project manager.  Since this is her first solo project, she asked me to assist her on making a presentation for CCSD to be approved before we go to the principle and present the new paint ideas.
Project Manager: Mike Nixon/Jamie Ranck
Role of Student:  I drew the plans in Revit a few weeks ago, but this week I worked on perfecting the plans, establishing a sheet set, adding paint notes, etc.
What I have learned:

While me and Jamie were presenting on Tuesday, we ran into some problems.  We had read over the presentation a thousand times, edited it, and worked on it for weeks.  But on the front page, we wrote the WRONG highschool.  We are also working on North Charleston Highschool, and we put that name at the front of the Baptist Hill presentation.  We were both so embarassed, but we laughed it off and came back to the office and immediatley changed it.  I learned that no matter how many tiny details you go over a thousand times, there are always going to be a few little mistakes here and there.  I think that just comes with the territory of doing such a large project.  However, how you handle it says alot about you.  Just shrugging it off and apologizing seemed like the best route, and we tried to let all of the other tiny details that we didn’t mess up speak for how much time and care we put into this project.  I was glad to have this experience working with Jamie and Mike because I knew that they wouldn’t let it affect them.  Always good to lean on your team and push forward!

Next time we present, we will be sure to double-check the front page.


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