Taylor Bissert, Daily Posts, Weekly Summary 4/15-4/18

This week I have been continuing work on completing the DD set on the Medical Office Building (MOB). This week the focus for me was on interior elevations. This includes casework and storefronts. Like I have mentioned before, my project manager is very organized and particular. Our set is very clean, she has us tagging furniture and equipment ONLY on the FF&E plan, and not on any of the interior elevations (this is different than what I am used to). She also has begun to implement a scheduling manager (Monday.com) – I am taking part in a test group of 5 people in the office since I am on her team. I like the website a lot and think it could be used office wide with some training. The interface helps keeps projects organized and assigns tasks to certain people. (Screenshot added to my post)


Monday 4/15 –  Every Monday we have an all staff meeting at the beginning of the day to go over which sectors have deadlines and which staff will be out of office. I continued work on the MOB I have been taking part in. (Continued work on interior elevations) My hours today fall in the PDD category.

Tuesday 4/16 –   Continued work on the redline set interior elevations. My hours today fall in the PDD category.

Wednesday 4/17 – Today we had our weekly sector meeting, this is one of my favorite parts of the week because I learn a lot about what is going on with the people around me. I also think this meeting is a great way to balance work loads and project management. My hours today fall in the PjM and PDD categories.

Thursday 4/18 –  Continued work on the redline set interior elevations. I also had a meeting with my principal and advisor about continuing my internship through the summer. I am very thankful they are keeping me on. I am also very thankful they have been so flexible with my schedule and will continue to be flexible this summer so I can study for my ARE exams. My hours today fall in the PDD category.


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