week of 4/15


Today I helped work on revising AIA contracts for a small project called Pickney Park on James Island. This would fall under Construction and Evaluation for AXP hours. A lot of the morning was spent in our weekly meeting going over our weekly agenda. I also met with Shaw Company about the carpeting and colors for Camp Road Middle School. I went to lunch with her and we ordered samples and talked about my vision for the selections and interior designs. This would be Project Planning and Design.



Today I worked more on the carpet selections for Camp Road Middle School. This process takes a while because there are so many choices and options so it can be a little overwhelming. I enjoy it though because it is one of the first big tasks my company has trusted me with. I have had to be in touch with the manufacturers and go to lunch with the reps. I also worked on revising a letter and Revit survey about a code study on a small home located in West Ashley. This would be Construction and Evaluation. I also worked on a Proposal Request for Camp Road Middle School on the water chiller that’s being placed outside. This would also be under Construction and Evaluation.



Today we met about the new Town of Mt. Pleasant fire station. There are a lot of problems with the budget right now and the site restrictions so in the meeting we tried to come up with different solutions to provide the client. I also worked on a render for the Kiawah fire station so that I can complete the color and material board that I started. All of this would be under Project development.



Today I worked on the Kiawah fire station 4 rendering in Lumion, Photoshop, and illustrator. I also finished the color board with all the materials and paint colors that were decided for the station. This would be under Project Development and Documentation. I also looked at many submittals for the Camp Road Middle School. I had to compare the gymnasium floor submittal to our drawings and specs. This would be under Project Development and Documentation as well. I learned this week how to work more with Lumion. I also learned a lot about business when I met with Shaw Contract about the Camp Road carpet and color choices. I was given a lot of responsibility with organizing meetings and really trying to figure it out on my own.

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