Dinaisya Harrison, Metanoia: 4/8 – 4/11

This week I continued to see different stages of a construction process. One was a remodeling project and the other was a new construction phase for a house.

On Monday I got to see the finished construction for the Metanoia office. Although they had planned to be finished that previous Wednesday, it still seemed to be close to schedule. They touched u paint, added matching trim, repainted door frames, and even switched some door swings. Walking through the news pace Duncan taught me a trick to remember if a door is either a LH or  RH door.

On Tuesday we went on a site visit right up the street. We were originally looking for the water meter for two new houses that are in the beginning of the construction phase. While being out there I was able to see how the rebar was sticking out of the poured concrete for the footing of a new house. I also learned about a water pump for buildings and how they keep water from backing up and contaminating the public water system.

On Wednesday we went back to the site where they began to assemble the concrete blocks for the footing of the house. The construction team made a mistake so they had to take some pieces apart and redo them because they didn’t leave enough space for the brick that would go along the outside of the footing.

On Thursday I got to sit in on a meeting with most of the Metanoia employees. They were going over a new way to keep conversation documented and organized so they knew what to address for next meetings/conversations and help keep everyone informed of their process. I also got to see sow they run their meetings, how they all communicate, how grateful they are for each other, and how grateful I was to be apart of their office.

This week I learned how remodeling can sometimes take longer than expected. As architects we live and love to see the process of construction, especially if it’s one flight of stairs away. But people that are accustomed to their space might not feel the same so it’s important to stay on schedule so employees can get back to their spaces so they can be as productive as possible. To see your design from start to finish is a great  and I was excited that everyone really liked it. A lot of people made comments like “it looks like it was always supposed to be like this” which is a sign of good design and good construction.

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