week of 4/8


Today I worked on a variety of things. I helped choose from a bunch of AIA documents between the owner and architect for the James Island Pickney Park project. I familiarized myself more with construction documents. I also compared submittals for Camp Road Middle School to the specs. I looked at fire extinguishers, the cabinetry for the extinguishers and metal lockers. All of this would go under Construction and Evaluation. I also helped look through more glass samples for the Shapiro Condo in Atlanta. I also worked on choosing which manufactures and carpets we are going to put in the Camp Road Middle School. This would all go under Project Planning and Design.



Today I worked on putting the carpets I chose into each different room in the Camp Road Middle School which would still go under Project Planning and Design. It was a little overwhelming but it’s a good experience to get the experience from a start of a project to the end of a project. I am hoping since I am staying until the end of the summer that I can see all of it finished and constructed with some of my ideas in real life. I learned a lot these past two days about how much goes into small finishing details for a project. I had the stomach bug Monday and Tuesday so unfortunately I only worked two days this week.

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