Taylor Bissert, Daily Posts, Weekly Summary 4/8-4-11

This week I have been working towards a complete DD set on the Medical Office Building (MOB). I am glad to be on this project because I am able to see every step of the project. Picking up redlines are pretty boring, but I am learning new standards and there are still areas for design during this time. I also am learning more about project management by watching/experiencing a smaller team working on a fairly big project.


Monday 3/25 – I was out of the office today because I flew back to Charleston at 2am.

Tuesday 3/26 –  Today I was given the redlined set of the MOB to push towards DD in two weeks. My hours today fall in the PcM and PDD categories.

Wednesday 3/27 – Today we had our weekly sector meeting. Our office is packed full of work! I also continued working on the redlines today. My hours today fall in the PjM and PDD categories.

Thursday 3/28 –  Continued working on the redline set. The MOB team also had a design meeting to discuss areas we can introduced some “flare”. My hours today fall in the PPD and PDD categories.


AXP Hour Summary to date:

PcM: 9 hours

PjM: 29 hours

PA: 56 hours

PPD: 50.50 hours

PDD: 41.5 hours

CE: 0 hours

TOTAL: 186 hour

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