SMHa 4.8 – 4.11

4.8 – 3.5 hrs

4.9 – 5 hrs

4.10 – 4 hrs

4.11 – 4 hrs

Summary: This week was again a push on red lines as next Wednesday the set is due. There had been some set backs on structural that were relatively out of our control delaying some things that caused us to go back and review drawings again. The structural engineer had originally only produced a few details, which would not suffice for such a large project. In the last two weeks we have finally been receiving more drawings and are having to make changes and have meetings regarding this information. It proves again, how communication and working up front is key to moving a project forward appropriately. To go over what has been happening the 5 key people who have been involved with the project, myself included, got together to go over the set and discuss changes, issues, or questions to make sure everyone was on the same page and prepared for next week.

As a side note, this weeks lunch and learn involved products by Steelcase and their “Case for Modular”. It was very interesting to see the various forms in which modular systems for walls could be used and even more so, the pods they now have coming out. They are independent and float in the surrounding space, they essentially just have to plug in to access electricity. It generated some ideas or questions to be asked moving forward into some new projects coming up that I will assist in programming.


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