Daily Blog Post & Weekly Summary 4/1-4/5

4/1 – Modeled in Revit an existing shop to be renovated to meet ada requirements and bathroom and combine that shop and shop next to it into one.

4/2 – Finished modeling shop, dropped off BAR Review documents & picked up drawing sheets, and started redlining Electrical RCPs and Interior elevations for a residence.

4/3 – Continued redlining Electrical RCPs and Interior Elevations

4/4 – Modeled cabinetry for same residence as I was redlining.

Weekly Summary

I was given the opportunity to handle the shop renovation from beginning to end on my own, since it was a small project. I got more experience with phasing in Revit and setting up existing and creating new conditions. I also learned a lot about the rules and regulations that come with creating an ada required bathroom. I got to experience the process of turning in documents for a BAR Review, and meet the woman who handles BAR submissions in Charleston. I was given the opportunity to gain more experience on modeling cabinetry, especially in bathrooms, as well as modeling all components of a bathroom including backsplashes and mirrors.

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