week of 4/1


I worked from 8-12 this morning. I started off working on the carpet color boards for the Camp Road Middle School. I created schemes that would look good in a variety of rooms such as classrooms, administrative, media, and libraries. I also worked on taking sketches that were drawn by my coworker and put them in Revit. The project is still up in the air, but we are working on creating some different schemes to show the client. The color boards would be under Project Planning and Design and the Revit model would be Programming and Analysis.



Today I worked on designing a model in Revit for a potential job my company has. I was given some freedom with what I designed and what material I used because the project is still up in the air. I worked on two schemes, one which was a renovation of the existing building and adding new construction and the other scheme was with completely new construction. This work would fall under Programming and Analysis for AXP hours.



Today I continued working on my Revit models and floor plans for the two different schemes on this potential job. They are using what I create in Revit to show the client on Friday how many different ways they can reconstruct the building. I also visited a job site by Roper and MUSC hospital that my company is working on. They are building a place to store the generators and fire pumps that control the entire hospitals water supply, sprinklers, and air conditioning. The Revit modeling would fall under Programming and Analysis and the site visit would be under Construction and Evaluation.



Today I continued modeling the different renovation and new constructions schemes in Revit for the potential project my company is working on. This would go under Programming Analysis for AXP hours. This week I learned that even for a job that is not technically a job yet, there is still a ton of work you have to present and complete. It is a long process before something can actually become a job. I also learned more about material and structure when I visited the site at Roper Hospital, where they are building the generator and fire pump. This picture is from my site visit standing on the floor where the chiller will be placed.

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