SMHa 4.1 – 4.4

4.1 – 4 hrs

The weekly Monday office meeting as had in the morning with a recap of projects and the outlook for the week. With a final set ready to be put out in about a week majority of everyone in the office is checking drawings or picking up red lines to make sure the drawings are as clean and accurate as possible.

4.2 – 5 hrs

Weekly Lunch and Learn on contracting with Mashburn.

4.3 – 4 hrs

With this set going out soon, that is what I spent majority of my time on this week. With the addition of a few details that needed to be drawn up, I was working towards a complete set with everyone else in the office.

4.4 – 0 hrs

Home sick.

Summary – 

This week was a consistent but important one. With two projects coming to a close everyone is was working hard towards that deadline. There was also a lot of discussion and meeting in regard to a few upcoming projects that will be happening and I will be assisting with. It’s a key transitional period with finalizing and preparing for whats to come in a smooth transition to make sure everyone has work but not overloading them. In the next couple of weeks I will begin programming for a large project coming through. I am excited to begin this task and be able to carry on with the project as the year progresses since I will be staying with SMHa through the summer and hopefully fall.

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