Dinaisya Harrison, Metanoia: 3/11 – 3/14

This as also a pretty short week due to me being out on Monday and Tuesday. The rest of the week I really got to work on revising and updating the two floor plans I worked on last week.

On Monday I was out.

On Tuesday I was out.

On Wednesday me and Duncan went back to the house we visited last week so I could get some additional measurements. I forgot to add measurements about the placement of windows as well as the kitchen layout. I really learned that when going on site visits it’s important to take more measurements than you think you need as well as taking pictures.

On Thursday I worked on updating the plan for the house that we went back to yesterday. After updating that plan I went back and updated the plan for the Metanoia office. They are really hoping to connect two spaces together with 2 different sized openings in the wall.

This week I learned valuable lessons about site visits. Even if it is still a demo plan since Metanoia hopes to refurbish the house for someone to soon move in, it is still important to take thorough measurements. It also helps to take pictures so you can understand and remember what something looked like. With working with the company in house I learned that what we think makes sense as architects, the person using that space might want something different. I continued to make updates for the person that would be in the space. We made opening larger and added walls due to wanting a chalk wall and more viewing access. It’s great being so close to the clients so that way we can talk things through and make sure were moving forward in the direction they want.

3.13.19 Metanoia Office-1ru0di3

3.14.19 METANOIA OFFICE-17hjuos

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