Daily Blog Post & Weekly Summary 3/11-3/15

3/11 – Out-Preparation for studio final presentation

3/12 – Worked on specifications and modeled renovations in Revit on a house on Stoll’s Alley.

3/13 – Continued working on modeling renovations for house on Stoll’s Alley.

3/14 – Visited Stoll’s Alley site to take pictures at surrounding viewpoints for BAR Review Presentation and continued to model renovations.

Weekly Summary

This week I learned more about phasing in Revit and how to properly model renovations for New Construction modeling so as not to mess with Existing modeling. I learned more about the intent of the renovations that we are doing and how to edit column families, as well as wall profiles. I also learned how to make changes to elevations and floor plans that may not require altering the model itself, but instead altering minor details that make the elevations and floor plans look the way we need them to, while also keeping the 3D model intact. I gained knowledge on the steps needed to be taken to prepare for a BAR review and what goes into convincing them to side with our ideas. I had the ability to visit the site and learn just how hidden the structure is, but no matter how hidden, the BAR has control over the decisions made on the renovations. I was able to learn how to properly prepare a presentation for the board while also being able to contribute to the presentation by creating slides using an aerial view and the pictures I took while visiting the site.

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