Weekly Entry

I took on a task that will take longer than the previous ones I was given. In the long term, the firm’s aim is to have a physical model of the peninsula to use it as a study model for future development and to showcase all of LS3P’s projects in the area. For now, I am only adding a few extra blocks in each direction to what they currently have. I have found that I enjoy more and work more efficiently on long tasks that required me to be more invested in them. During the process, I also learn quite a few things such as using the 3d printers and requesting information from other companies we will need services from.


Records of work:

3D printed building for a physical model of a section of the peninsula.

project title. – 385 King St.

project location. – Charleston

project scope. – Physical model

project manager. – Brian Beerman

role of the student – 3D model and 3D print some of LS3P’s buildings in the area.


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