Dinaisya Harrison, Metanoia: 3/4 – 3/7

This week was a short week of working due to me attending the Career Fair. On Monday and Tuesday I did get to work on inputting site measurements in plan as well as coming up new wall layouts for the Metanoia Office.

On Monday I used the measurements I took on the site visit and put them into AutoCAD. I was missing a few measurements so I learned it might take a few times visiting a site to get all the measurements you might need.

On Tuesday I measured the inside of the upper office of Metanoia. They are looking to expand the upper office by creating an opening that joins the two offices together. I drew out different possibilities on how and where to put the opening.

On Thursday I attended the career Fair so I didn’t go into the office.

On Friday I attended the career Fair so I didn’t go into the office.

This week I got a good insight to taking field measurements and going back to the office to put them into a program. Not everything lined up at first because I was missing small details that could have made the difference. I learned it’s important to measure more than you think you need because you might end up using it when you leave the site. 

3.7.19 Metanoia Office-1slnh2a

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