Weekly Entry

It was only until this week that I paid attention to one of the firms’ method to meet deadlines and keep the workload running smoothly among all the employees. Every Monday there is a meeting at 8:30 where all the employees share with the rest of the office what they are working on. It helps everyone be familiar with all current and possible projects that LS3P has and their current stage. During these sessions, some team members request assistance to complete their tasks on time and others state to not have enough work to keep them busy for the rest of the week. These ways, those who are not too busy can help the ones with too much workload keeping the office balanced. This past week I helped another intern meet a deadline for a set of CDs for that were due Friday morning.

Records of work:

CDs for permit application

project title. – 31 & 32 Laurens

project location. – 31 & 32 Laurens street, Charleston SC.

project scope. – CD’S

project manager. – Ted Risch

role of the student – adding dimensions and tags to the units set and correcting inaccuracies on the ceilings’ heights.


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