Week of 3/4/19


Today I worked form 8-12pm. Most of our morning consisted of the weekly meeting. We talked about each project and what we need to accomplish for each project this week. I worked on putting together a folder of old projects one of my coworkers designed at his previous job to show a potential distillery his work in restaurants and breweries. It was fun to see a different and fun project other than fire stations and schools. This would go under Project Development and Documentation.  I also worked on a substantial completion memo for a project. This would fall under Construction and Evaluation for AXP hours.



Today I worked in Revit editing a model for the Metzler and JI Park Pavilion projects. I also spent most my time working on the Citadel Q1 As Built drawings. I revised the drawings and recorded them form the PRs and AIAs. This would go under Construction and Evaluation.



Today I helped organize 2D Revit detail drawings into a template for RCA to use in the future easily. I also worked on the Metzler shed and the JI Park Pavilion in Revit. I researched a lot about details with CMU and tile for a shower wall in the Citadel Q1 project. These hours would go under Project Development and Documentation.



Today I was able to sit in on a meeting for a new fire station project in Mount Pleasant. I really enjoyed experiencing this because it opened my eyes to how a project gets kickstarted. I was able to talk to the contractor for the job and ask him questions about their side of things as well. All teams, even the fire fighters that will be stationed at this new station sat in on the meeting. After the meeting I went to one of the Mount Pleasant fire stations to see what they like and did not like in that one so that we can learn from that when designing the new fire station. I learned a lot of things today and I hope I am able to do more things like that in the future with my internship. This week was tough with school work, but I learned that in architecture, no matter if you think you’re done with a project, you are not.

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