Taylor Bissert, Daily Posts, Weekly Summary 3/4-3/7

Reflected Ceiling Plan from the MOB


This week I continued working coordination of the outfit of our old office. I learned about communication in this process because even though I was working with an architect in our Asheville office, communication still got lost and the team had different goals. Ultimately, I finished the drawings and the other architect took a back seat. These were supposed to be simple marketing plans for the developer to used and he was making the process more complicated than necessary. The project manager made this call and I was able to get the plans out in the next few hours afterwards.

I also have been assigned to a more long-term team! I am very excited to be able to see a project through from SD to breaking ground. The project is for a Medical Office Building outfit. The building itself is currently under construction and we will be helping the owner with the ground floor tenant space. This week I worked on getting the existing finish palette materials ordered so we can match them as well as the finish plans worked on. I foresee myself working on interior elevations and millwork for this project during SD and DD phases.


Monday 3/04 – Did not make it into work today, wasn’t feeling well.

Tuesday 3/05 – Today I worked 8am – 3:30pm to makeup for my time missed yesterday. I finished the developer marketing plans for our old office and was introduced to the new Medical Office Building that I will be helping with. My hours today fall in the PjM, PPD, and CD categories.

Wednesday 3/06 – Today we had our weekly sector meeting. Afterwards, I ordered the existing samples for the MOB project and worked on updating our finish plans. My hours today fall in the PjM and PPD categories.

Thursday 3/07 – Today I continued work on the finish plans for the MOB project, mostly the reflected ceiling plan. I also started to work on larger concept ideas for the interiors. My hours today fall in the PjM, PPD, and CD categories.


AXP Hour Summary to date:

PcM: 6.5 hours

PjM: 25.50 hours

PA: 41.50 hours

PPD: 26.50 hours

PDD: 29.50 hours

CE: 0 hours

TOTAL: 129.50 hours 

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