Weekly entry

In regards to this boards that I have been trying to complete for over a week now, I am still waiting on some of the materials samples to arrive. There were samples that we did not know were missing and the plan is to deliver the boards to Charleston’s Architectural Review early next week. Brian told me that it was always a good idea to start early on these types of things because of unexpected delays. It was good that we did and I did not have to learn the hard way.

Records of work:

Material sample boards for submission to Charleston BAR

project title. – 31 & 32 Laurens

project location. – 31 & 32 Laurens street, Charleston SC.

project scope. – Sample material boards

project manager. – Ted Risch

role of the student – Assembling and laying out the boards. I worked with another person who helped me collect some of the missing samples.

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