Dinaisya Harrison, Metanoia: 2/25 – 2/28

This was a great week as I got to present three different floor plans for the Swinton Building located on Reynolds Avenue. I presented three different ideas, two being Duncan’s idea, and one being my take on what he wanted incorporated in the building. At the end of the week he liked my design and we presented it to an architect.

On Monday Duncan gave me the parameters for the building. I was to extend one side of the building for the restaurant Dellz to have 1800 sq. ft. The space that was taken up due to the extension of the restaurant is what I had to figure out where it would now be placed. I did some sketching and drafting of a new plan.

On Tuesday I showed Duncan my one layout. He gave me more insight to what he wanted and what to improve. At the end of that day I showed him three different plans. The first was an improvement of the original, the second was the original that incorporated more of what he wanted, and the third was what he wanted in a different way. He ended up liking my design and we decided to continue with this scheme.

On Wednesday I started to use the existing SketchUp model and recreated it to look like the new floor plan I created for the building. We met with an architect and showed him around the building that we are designing for. It was great to see the space and get a sense of how big it actually is. At the end of today I sent my plans and sketch up photos for the architect to have a good idea of what Metanoia is thinking for the space.

On Thursday we went on two site visits. We went to two different houses in North Charleston that Metanoia has acquired and I did site measurements. I sketched out the plan and took field measurements so I could put them into AutoCAD so they can have an existing plan for both houses.

This week I learned a lot about creating different plans and schemes. Although Duncan had his mind set one way, it didn’t hurt to show him other ways to achieve his design, and in the end I learned how to design outside of the box and to continue questioning how many ways can you do something.

Swinton Plan 2.27.19

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