Daily Blog Post & Weekly Summary 2/25-3/1

2/25 – Did a site visit to one of our clients on James Island and took field measurements for a renovation we are doing on the master suite, kids bathroom, laundry area, and entry closet.

2/26 – Modeled the field measurements taken on Monday in Revit.

2/27 – Modeled the structural roof of the James Island residence in Revit.

2/28 – Drafted design ideas for the master bedroom wall elevation on trace paper.

Weekly Summary: The entirety of my week was spent working on a new, smaller project that I feel I got to make my own. I feel this way because I was able to help with field measuring and was given the freedom to model the scope of work in Revit to it’s entirety. I gained knowledge on typical houses built during the 60’s and their usual structural framing, as well as the unique interiors that were trending during that time period. Before this I had modeled roofs in Revit, but not to their structural entirety, so I was glad I was able to learn what makes up a roof and how the structural integrity of the house is kept. I was also happy that I was given the opportunity to draft some potential designs for the master suite wall. The existing wall is entirely brick and has a nice view of the pond in the backyard, but does not take advantage of it due to having the bathroom and closets against that wall. The intended purpose of the renovations is to relocate those aspects and essentially flip the layout of the room, so the bedroom itself will be facing the pond, making use of glass. Tyler asked me to do some research into Carlo Scarpa and his piece at the Brion Vega Cemetery as inspiration for some of my designs, as he enjoys the large circular windows used.


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