Week of 2/25/19




Today I worked from 8am-12pm on a few different things. I plotted sheets for the Metzler shed RCA is designing. They are facing problems with FEMA flood zoning being in two different types on zones on the property. I also helped clean up Revit AE sheets for close out documents for the Rita Hollings Science Center. I then created AIA documents for two Proposal Requests. All of this would fall under Project Development & Documentation I believe.


Today I worked 4 hours on the Metzler shed and revised some details on the floor plans and elevations in Revit. I also spent a good amount of time sketching schematic program designs for a new fire station by using the square footages for the programs that the station gave, but confining them to a one story building. I used previous layouts of other fire stations for guidance to where programs go in a fire station. This would fall under Project Development and Documentation.


Today I worked 3 hours and then had the midterm meeting. I worked on the Metzler project some more in Revit and added structural posts to the floor plan and elevations. This week I learned a lot more in Revit which was one of my goals and I also learned that there are many problems when building in different flood zones. I am amazed that so much detail goes into building a small one story shed, but it is important to follow the FEMA guidelines. This picture is the floor plan for the Metzer Shed. 

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