SMHa 2.25-2.28

2.25 – 4 hrs.

Red lines and drafting details, Project Development and Documentation

2.26 – 5 hrs.

Red lines and COMcheck, Project Development and Documentation + a lunch and learn about porcelain panels

2.27 – 4 hrs.


2.28 – 3.5 hrs.


Summary – 

This week started off with going through red lines for two middle school projects. A 50% set is due coming up and there were some edits to be made. Along with this, an updated version of some of the roof details needed to be drawn as well as some connection points. The bracket connection being a new detail configured and not just updated. These tasks particularly help me as construction or technical aspects are not my strongest suit. By looking at details for review or drawing them it helps me develop an actual understanding of how a building goes together. The rest of the week has been spent prepping for COMcheck. It will be interesting to see the performance of the two buildings in terms of energy. As well as to see the areas contributing positively or negatively.

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